Business Modules

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This type of course is divided into two categories, Themed and Emergency, and is based on a series of specific Business English topics or can be tailored to more specific student language requirements.


Course of one specific topic of “business communication”.
The modules available are indicated in the table below and can be provided in our extensive or seminar formulas.

Extensive formula
Course Length: 20 hours
Lesson duration: 2 hours
Frequency: to be agreed upon
Available languages: EN

The layout of the modules in the seminar formula changes from one module to another as indicated in the files in the table.

  •     Telephoning English/Email writing
  •     The Language of Presentations
  •     The Language of Meetings
  •     Relationship building
  •     Marketing Language
  •     Legal English
  •     The Language of Human Resources Negotiation Skills
  •     Negotiation Skills

In the extensive formula, 2 hour lessons are recommended for either individual or group courses. We evaluate improvement relative to the specific topic at the end of the course by way of role plays.
It is the responsibility of IBE to provide the didactic material at every encounter, just as it is with regards to all necessary equipment for lessons held at our school. Should lessons take place at the company of the student, it will be the company’s responsibility to provide such equipment (DVD player, whiteboard, etc.).


This is aimed at individuals or groups of people who have an upcoming meeting, presentation or event that require particular attention in one area.
The module offers flexibility and is based on the specific needs of the participants. Any unused hours from the package remain at the disposal of the client for the duration of the contract.
Course Length: 16 hours
Lesson Length: 2 hours
Frequency: to be decided with student
Languages available: EN
Course topics: selected beforehand by participant(s)


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