Italian for foreigners

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It is fundamental for non-Italian personnel operating in Italy to do so effectively, but cultural and linguistic differences often make this task difficult. Intensive Business English has the experience and know-how to help our multinational clients to get past such difficulties.

Effective Learning

Classic classroom lessons, based on our Three Layer Method which are available in:

  •   Standard
  •   Semi Intensive
  •   Intensive


Individual or group courses, the number of weekly lessons is decided upon based on the objectives, time and content of the programme. The standard length is 40 hours. The module operates effectively in its content either according to students’ levels or going by the functional requirements students may have depending on their roles in company.

Course Length: 40 hours (recommended)
Lesson duration: minimum 1,5 hours, (2 hours recommended)
Frequency: Twice per week

Semi Intensive

Individual or in pairs, organized from Monday to Friday for 3 or 4 hours per day from either 9.30 – 13.30 or 14.30 – 18.30.

Course length: 30/40 hours
Lesson duration: 3/4 hours per day
Frequency: every day for two weeks (consecutive/non consecutive)


The same as semi intensives apart from the length and frequency of lessons.

Course Length: 35/70 hours
Lesson Duration: 7 hours per day (can be split)
Frequency: every day from Monday to Friday for one or two weeks (consecutive/non consecutive)

Walk to Talk

The best way to get a feel for a language is to use it in context. Students have shown great appreciation for this option as it allows them to put what they have learned directly into practice, taking part in activities planned out to give them a greater insight into the history and culture of Italy. However, it is no guided tour! Students will be expected to take control of situations presented to them by their teacher.
The Walk to Talk module can be integrated into Intensive or Semi Intensive courses.

Cross-cultural Counseling

The end goal of Cross-cultural counseling is to integrate foreign talent within a new working environment. The two objectives are:

  •     Overcome subjective application problems
  •     Facilitate intercultural interaction in a company environment

 The sessions are as follows:

  •     Presentation and problem testing with manager
  •     Presentation of the initiative to the coachee
  •     Individual sessions with the coachee
  •     Feedback Coach-Coachee
  •     Feedback Coach-Manager


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