Why choose us?

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Here are the elements that separate us from other language training institutes:



Method The use of our own method (Three Layer Method) he result of a project involving experts of didactics and communication.


Rely upon generic approaches. The tendency is to get a native speaker to press ’’play’’ on a video recorder.


Variety of learning channels We offer training via all channels: face to face (lessons in presence), voice to voice (by telephone), eLearning, blended.


Often institutes are able to offer training through only one or at best two channels.


Staff Easily reachable staff are available to assist with all our clients needs.


Confusion as to who does what regarding finance and didactics often interferes with productivity and quality of service.


Teachers Our teachers must have a minimum of 3000 hours of teaching experience before working with IBE.


Many schools do not require much or any teaching experience.


Easy Management We have created a centralized reporting system Easy Management, which allows Human Resources to monitor the progress of the training, both in terms of volume and satisfaction of course participants.


Even when the didactic aspect is covered, often the value of reporting is underestimated or interpreted as an accessory rather than a fundamental part of the overall service.


Languages We specialise in the training of five languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. For over ten years we have also offered Chinese, Arabic and Russian. We have consultants who assist us for courses in Romanian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch and Swedish.


In most cases English and Italian are the only languages offered. Some institutes focus on only one minor language.


Retribution All IBE teachers receive retribution above the market standard. This means having the best teachers with a low organisation cost.


Most schools believe that profit can be made by reducing the teachers’ retribution. The implication here is that they will have to manage less capable and organised teachers with a consequent increase in the cost of management and mistakes.


Organization IBE is a school but it is also a company, with ISO certification, with procedures and organisation.


Institutes are largely composed of training staff who associate the word ’’school’’ solely with the concept of creativity, thus forgetting the essential organisational aspects.


Material We have created original Didactic Material pertinent to the Italian world of work which we regularly update.


Many institutes have created their own material but rarely update it leaving it outdated and of little use in an ever-changing business context.

10Economic Resources IBE operates with its own economic means and has increased its economic turnover and staff year after year.


Many institutes in this sector have been hit by the economic crisis and to get through have reduced their prices and thusly neglected to maintain quality of service.
11Selection The main criteria in selecting our teachers are reliable references and word-of-mouth. Associating this element with a structured and thorough screening process, we are able to maintain a high level of quality in our selection of teachers.


The recruitment of most language institutes is through generic classified ads in free publications followed by only one interview.


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