The Method

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Gavin Stewart - head of semi intensive courses - presents the method in a short video.

The 3 Layer Method (3LM), is the result of a project involving experts of didactics and communication from all over the world and the collaboration of staff from notable international companies for the experimentation process. Most of all, The 3LM is the result of thirty years experience in the field of language training.

3LM is the acronym of the 3 Layer Method: it is the methodology used by IBE in its language courses. This didactic method takes its name from the 3 different layers it is made up of:

  • The Lego Concept
  • The Process
  • The Technology

Underlying our method is the assumption that:

The ultimate goal of any language course is to improve the level of communication in a foreign language with people from a different culture.

Based on this premise we have developed The Lego Concept which foots the very definition of the contents of each course. To effectively communicate in a foreign language it is necessary to master 3 different types of skills:

  • grafico metodo 1Linguistic Skills

  • Functional

  • Cross Cultural

The balance of these skills defines the content of each course. The second layer the methodology is based on is the Process with which courses are provided. It is a systematic and cyclic process which runs through the definition of the objectives, the evaluation of results achieved and the defining of new objectives. The final layer of the 3LM is the Technology. No matter what the different situations of our students are, we can offer the solutions best adapted to their needs:

metodo facetoface

Face to Face – the classic lesson where teacher and student are in a classroom. It is still the most effective solution but not always best adapted to all students work situations.

metodo voice

Voice to Voice – More and more students choose the flexibility of lessons via telephone, available any time, day or night, from any location across the world.

metodo elearning

eLearning – sophisticated multimedia products that allow students to study even in the absence of a teacher.

metodo blended

Blended – the most complete solution that integrates student-teacher interaction with the use of eLearning tools.

Didactic Videos

IBE has developed a series of didactic videos for teacher training. We decided that putting a couple of these videos online could be useful as even though it's not their primary function, they could help students and human resources to better understand how IBE lessons are structured. The videos are available to see through this link.


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