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IBE is specialised in teaching English, Italian for foreigners, French, German, Spanish and more. To become an IBE teacher in these languages we require the following:

  • To be mother-tongue of your relative language
  • To have a certificate in teaching your native language as a second language
  • To have a minimum of three years teaching experience in the country where they ll be teaching (e.g. teachers wishing to work in Italy must first have worked there for three years with other institutes before starting work with IBE)


In order to qualify as one of our Business Module or Seminar, teachers we require a further five years (minimum) experience teaching Business English in companies.

We can offer students the opportunity to learn English with a number of different accents, as we have teachers from England, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Country of origin is not however sufficient alone to work at IBE. The search for new teachers is not an activity we perform with anything less than the best of our abilities. All candidates are subject to two interviews and a test in which they are required not only to prove their knowledge of language but also their ability to transmit such knowledge to students. Successful candidates will start work at IBE in a trial period. In this period will be taught the IBE method and the standards that both we and our clients have come to expect. At IBE we strongly believe in giving the teachers as much guidance as possible and the opportunity to give as well as receive feedback we do not just employ teachers, we invest in people.

Professional qualifications (TEFL, CELTA, university degree, DILIT, etc.) are of course important but when looking for teachers we also look for other equally, if not more, important qualities:

  • Professionalism;
  • Flexibility;
  • The ability to involve and motivate;


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