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Intensive Business English is a language training institute that in the last 30 years has obtained recognition from many national and international training organizations.

Of these we can cite:

Regione Lombardia


Intensive Business English is accredited for training by the Lombardy Region with protocol number E1.2012.0112475.

This entitles IBE to participate in tenders issued by the Lombardy Region and to have access to the financial resources used for client training.



FEDERLINGUE is a National Association of translation, interpreting and language training companies.

Federlingue was founded in 1996 with the objective of giving greater visibility to the sector and to strengthen the quality of services offered to the market. It offers to client companies highly professional services of measurable quality and strong added value.

IBE has been a member of Federlingue since 2007.



Is the fund for the training of workers employed on a temporary contract by employment agencies..  It refers to a non-profit bilateral body composed of the State Employment Office, the worker union organizations as well as the 3 main union associations.

IBE is a training institution accredited by Forma.Temp.



Intensive Business English is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 nonché UNI EN 15038:2006 certified.
This means that IBE is submitted to periodic inspections by an independent external agency to verify that its services respect well-defined procedures.

The certification of quality is synonymous with the search for continuous improvement.

Lingua Connect


Lingua Connect is a consortium of language schools created by IBE to satisfy the needs of its clients throughout Italy. Many of our clients are present in diverse localities in Italy, and with Lingua Connect we are able to organize courses not just in the major urban areas, but also in localities which are not always easy to reach.


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